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Virtue Organic Pet Foods new certified organic Adult and Puppy Dog BannerFormula’s have been specifically designed to provide a nutritionally balanced and complete diet for active and growing dogs.

Utilising the very best certified organic ingredients, Virtue’s Adult and Puppy Formula provides your four legged friends with the same comfort and assurance’s you get when buying any certified organic product here in Australia.

What does certified organic mean for dog food?

Too often today, conventional dog foods are jammed packed with synthetic additives including preservatives, colours, and flavours. Additionally, the raw materials utilised, whether grain based, meat based or vegetables, more than likely have been grown with the use of synthetic fertilisers, chemicals, and possible genetic modification.

To label a product as “natural”, “holistic” or even “organic ingredients” does not guarantee the non-existence of these processes in a product. To truly know that you have a product that is free of any added chemicals, hormones, medications, GMO’s or synthetic additives is to choose “Certified Organic”.

Because of the stringent third party certification to the Australian Certified Organic Standard, every process of every ingredient in Virtue’s Adult and Puppy Formula must adhere to the strict organic standards verified by regular audits to be included and labelled as certified organic.

Feeding your dog Virtue’s Certified Organic Adult and Puppy Formula means you can rest assured your dog is receiving a healthy diet, free from any nasties.


Virtues Adult and Puppy formula not only meet the Australian Certified Organic standard, but also comply with the nutritional guidelines set out by American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for Dog Food Nutrient Profile for Growth (Puppies) and Dog Food Nutrient Profile for Adult Maintenance. This ensures your dog is receiving everything the need for a healthy well-being through complete and balanced nutrition.

Virtue’s Certified Organic Adult Formula has been scientifically formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for maintaining adult dogs. Its unique formula boasts omega 3 & 6, helping support healthy skin and coat, Glucosamine for maintaining joints, natural antioxidants for boosted immunity all packed into a crunchy biscuit which helps maintain clean teeth and prevention of bad breathe.

Certified Organic whole cereals, certified organic bran, fish meal (free ocean catch), certified organic vegetable protein meals, meat by-product, certified organic vegetable oils, Yeast extract, salt, potassium, rosemary extract, Vitamins A, D3, E, K3, B12 , Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, Biotin, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium
omega 6 3.0%
omega 3 0.35%
SALT (Sodium Chloride) 1.2%
ME 315 kcal/100g


The suggested total daily allowance (grams per dog per day) shown below are a guide to the amount that should be fed. The precise requirements of individual dogs may vary slightly from these levels depending on activity level and body condition.

Body Weight (Kg)Grams per day
5kg or less up to 115g
5kg to 10kg 115g to 200g
10kg to 25kg 200g to 400g
25kg to 50kg 400g to 650g
50kg or more 650g plus



647 High Street Thornbury Vic 3071
Ph: (03) 9484 3805

31 Ricky Way Epping Vic 3076
Ph: (03) 8405 3802

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