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Grass Tetany (cattle), grass staggers (sheep) and hypomagnesaemia are names given to a condition that can effect stock in late autumn, winter and spring. It can cause significant losses in production, even when there are no signs of illness. Grass tetany or grass staggers occurs when animals are grazing pasture which has low available levels of magnesium, or as a result of increased body demands for magnesium during lactation or late pregnancy. Symptoms of the disease include restlessness, staggers, an over-alert appearance, being excitable and in some cases, aggressiveness. In severe cases, animals may fall down and go into convulsions or die without warning. Prevention is preferable to treatment as grass tetany often occurs without warning. Prevention involves supplementing the animals with magnesium during the period of greatest risk. Olsson’s Beefmaster is the supplement to eliminate the deficiency with 111g/kg of available magnesium. APVMA approval no. 40029
Feeding Instructions: Remove outer carton and plastic cover and place blocks near water troughs, dams, pads and stock camps. The cardboard container is edible. Replace blocks as soon as they are consumed. Consumption Rates: 1 block per 10 head Withholding Periods: Nil. Storage Instructions: Store out of direct sunlight and under cover. Store below 30ºC (room temperature).

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