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Olsson’s Lactovite Plus Copper lick blocks have been made to supply the specific needs of breeding stock and their young. It has been enriched by protein meals especially selected for their body building and/or wool growing qualities. The phosphorus levels have been balanced to meet the specific needs of pregnant stock. The blocks contain a balance of trace elements to supplement animals throughout their breeding cycle and to assist them in making the most of available feed. Lactovite Plus Copper helps enhance bone development, milk production, wool growth & reproductivity in all livestock
Feeding Instructions: Use in accordance with the Olsson Indicator system. Sheep/Goats: 5-10g per head per day Cattle: 50-100g per head per day Intake is recommendation only. Higher intakes are normally the result of mineral deficiencies. Place out sufficient blocks to avoid overcrowding of stock. Replace immediately when consumed. Initially, the consumption rate will be higher than average, but higher rates of consumption will drop after an initial “gorging” period. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Storage Instructions: Store out of direct sunlight and under cover. Edible carton and packaging.

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