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Wholesale Only: 31 Ricky Way Epping Vic 3076 Ph: (03) 8405 3802
Retail: 647 High Street Thornbury Vic 3071 Ph: (03) 9484 3805

RetailThornbury Store
Ph: (03) 9484 3805

Wholesale Only
Epping Warehouse
Ph: (03) 8405 3802

Distribution Enquiries

New distribution inquiries welcome

At E & A Salce we aim to be Australia's most dynamic distribution center. We are open to all new products that meet our quality, reliability, availability and pricing expectations. If you are a manufacturer looking to introduce a new product into Australia we would like to talk to you about the possibility of being your distributor.

We are always on the look out for quality products that we can bulk distribute. We have excellent warehousing and distibution facilities with over 4000 square meters of under cover truck accessible space for easy loading and unloading. Our mission is to be the number one bulk distributor in Australia. We currently specialise in pet food, grains and stock feed but we are open to all possibilities.

At E & A Salce we like to have a streamlined, efficient, safe process for everything. We are constantly finding ways to improve productivity and safety for our workers. Our robot is one of the many innovations employed by us to comply with workplace safety standards and also to streamline the process of delivering products to you in good order and on time. Salce pellet loading robot
Robots like this one are used to save our employees lifting heavy loads and also to expediate the process of loading large orders for our many clients. All this is part of our commitment to being the number 1 bulk pet food distribution outlet in Australia. We can warehouse and distribute your quality products Australia wide on time with out the hassles. Leave it to us, we are already organised and highly experienced. We can make your product distribution a dream. Safety is a priority at Salce, the leaders in pet food distribution.

If you have an enquiry relating to distribution please contact us on the following:

E & A Salce Pty Ltd
31 Ricky Way Epping
Vic 3076
Ph: (03) 8405 3802
Fax: (03) 8405 3797


Orders being filled
Orders being filled for Pro Vit MIn using our bagging and pelletising robots. This allows us to cope with the massive volume of orders we currently recieve and also the expansion of our distribution services. 


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