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Rabbit and Guinea Pig Pellets
Lucerne Meal, Cooked Cereal and Protein Meals, Calcium Carbonate, Di Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, SCF Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Omega enriched Canola Oil, Mollogold, Fructooligiosaccharides - Prebiotics and Probiotics (Yea Sacc Live yeast culture) and Yucca Sschidigera extract – to reduce the ammonia smell from bedding.
Crude Protien 16.5% Crude Fat 5% Crude Fibre 16% Calcium 10.5g Phosphorous 4.7g Lysine 5.5g Sodium 2g Chloride 4.7g Potassium 15g Magnessium 2g Manganese 101mg Chromium 0.27mg Zinc 105mg Iron 90mg Copper 28mg Selenium 0.36mg Iodine 0.36mg Vitamin A 11700IU Vitamin D 960IU Vitamin E 150mg Vitamin K 3.5mg Biotin 360ug Choline 6.7mg Folic Acid 1.5mg Thiamin 5.7mg Riboavin 6.7mg Niacin 23mg Vitamin B5 4.6mg Vitamin B6 2.9mg Vitamin B12 17ug Prebiotics Yes Probiotics Yes
Maintenance of Mature Rabbits: Feed up to 100g per head per day Pregnant Does: Feed intake with increase with the term of the pregnancy. Feed up to 160g per day Lactating/ Breeding Does: Lactating Does should be fed adlib and may consume up to 360g per day. Growing Guinea Pigs – Feed 4 grams of SCF Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellet per 100 grams of body/weight per day. Adult Guinea Pigs (700-750 gram body weight) – Feed 20 to 40 grams of SCF Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellet per day. • Introduce SCF Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets over a 2 week period. • Ensure adequate roughage (Chaff, Hay) is available to the rabbits as well as fresh fruit and vegetables • Clean fresh water is important to the health and wellbeing of the animal. Make sure it is changed daily

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